What’s the Story – Good Friday

It’s the day that Jesus died. What’s so good about it?

Such are the questions that try souls in the church. But, its a question worth asking.

I guess the simple answer is some like, “Good Friday is ‘good’ because it is the day on which our salvation was secured.” Answers like this one are certainly correct, but they tend to be just a little too wrapped in loaded theological jargon to be of too much help. Notions of salvation and the like don’t seem to have anything to do with the killing of Jesus.

For me, I think Good Friday is “good” because it is the day one which God saw fit to explore the corners and boundaries of our human existence with us. At the moment of our creation, God says that we are “good.” Yet, our lives are often so filled with pain and loss, with betrayal and desolation that we are left to wonder, “how good?” By submitting himself to the pain of the cross, to being forsaken by his friends, to even the feeling of being separated from God, Jesus claims to have looked all around our lives (and deaths) and finally declared, “it is all, very good.”

It’s not pretty, my friends. And, it’s not comfortable. But it is Good. Very Good, indeed.

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