What’s the Story – The Transfiguration: Redux

I concluded my post on the story of the transfiguration back in August with the fateful words, “don’t worry, you’re likely to hear this story twice a year.” I don’t recall whether I actually believed that I would still be at this by the time the story came around again, but here I am. My August post was a good one and you should go back and read it. Meanwhile, I’ll try to think of some more interesting things to say about the whole thing.

The simple fact that the story of Jesus’ ascent, meeting with Moses and Elijah and resultant glowing face twice every calendar year is, itself worthy of exploration. As quick scan of the lectionary will show that this puts the Transfiguration in some pretty important company. We only read about Jesus’ Crucifixion and Resurrection twice (each). We only read the Christmas Story once. And that’s not even usually on a Sunday. Yet, two Sundays every year are dedicated to Transfiguration. Its kind of a preaching nightmare. But it might also signal that there is something(s) in this story that we should take note of.

But, as you might expect . . . more on that later.

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